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Maria Ralli

Maria Ralli is a tech enthusiast who loves experimenting with innovative technologies. She has worked as a developer and researcher at the AI laboratory of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at National Technical University of Athens, where she got her degree. She loves utilizing cloud-native technologies (Kubernetes, AWS) and programming in her favorite language, Golang. For the past 4 years she enjoys working at XM, building interesting apps and leading the effort to expand the usage of generative AI within the company.

In this session, we will explore our journey of creating a customized chatbot for traders at XM utilizing Generative AI technology. We will deep dive into the process of building end-to-end AI solutions with domain-specific content. Learn how we integrated XM real-time news and analysis content into an engaging application. Get familiar with prompt engineering and Retrieval Augmented Generation techniques through an in-depth exploration of our system architecture. Discover our unconventional approach of using Golang instead of Python (the de facto choice), and discuss the complexities of deploying to the cloud and building a robust and scalable application.