Talks by Session Types

Busy Developer's Guide to Building a Bytecode Virtual Machine
Going AOT: Everything you need to know about GraalVM for Java applications
IAM Doomsday Prepper: Surviving the Apocalypse with Keycloak
Java Language Update -- a look at where the language is going
Navigating the Chaos: A Holistic Approach to Incident Management
Socio-Technical Smells: How Technical Problems Cause Organizational Friction
Sustainability Chronicles: Innovate Through Green Technology With Kepler and KEDA
The Caffeinated Gopher’s Guide to Language Runtimes: WebAssembly Edition
Translating a Cretan Book into English, German, Dutch, Chinese, etc. using Java and ChatGPT API
Unleashing the GenAI magic: How we built a chatbot for traders with the power of Generative AI