Continuously delivering value in times of chaos
We live in extremely confusing times, with deadly viruses, populistic politicians, and rapidly evolving technology. Our world is changing fast. More precisely, our world is changing at an increasing speed. This makes life unplannable and unpredictable. Organizations need to adapt faster and faster, and even continuously, to keep up with new competitors that use new technologies easier, faster, and better than they do. Every aspect of how we build and deliver software changes towards smaller, shorter and faster.
During this energizing and high-paced talk, Sander Hoogendoorn, CTO at e-commerce company iBOOD, discusses COVID, the Cynefin framework, and why software development often goes so terribly wrong. He will illustrate why and how we need to stop doing projects, move beyond Scrum and other traditional agile frameworks, and drift towards continuous experimentation in small teams. Sander will touch on self-organization and autonomy, which are truly needed in these times of chaos but are a lot less easy than they look, and he will tell stories from his everyday practice as a CTO, architect, and programmer.
Sander Hoogendoorn
Meet Sander Hoogendoorn, an independent dad, and traveler. A seasoned developer with over four decades of experience and still daily writing code, Sander has survived in the tech world in various roles, from CTO of companies like iBOOD (currently), ANVA, and Klaverblad, to being Capgemini's global agile thought leader.
Known for his post-agile mindset and provocative perspectives, Sander empowers organizations and teams to break free from the norm and embrace innovation. He's not just about writing code; he's about rewriting the rules.
As an author and captivating speaker, Sander has shared his ideas and practices at international conferences, covering topics from disruption, culture, and life beyond agile, to continuous delivery, microteams, software architecture, monads, microservices, and the art of writing elegant code. He believes in the power of critical thinking to solve problems and encourages teams to approach software development with a strategic, mindful touch.
Discover Sander - the coding rebel who believes in small steps as the path to progress and the mind as the ultimate tool for success.