As tech only becomes more complex, engineers need to maintain focus and fix problems quickly. This talk dives into the role of user experience (UX) in designing user-friendly monitoring and data tools that empower them. Explore real-world challenges like information overload and building trust with AI. Discover how UX principles lead to faster incident resolution and proactive problem-solving. The future of monitoring is user-centric. Join to explore the power of seamless UX.
Alexandra Antiochou
Alexandra Antiochou is a seasoned Product Designer with a strong focus on data-driven product experiences while helping teams consistently do the same. With a background in human- computer interaction (HCI), she focuses on understanding and shaping problem spaces, specializing in User Experience and Product Design.
Always hands-on, she has led product teams at Meta, QuantumBlack’s AI Labs, McKinsey, and various design agencies – from banking and pharma to sports, retail and dev tools. Currently, she is focused on enhancing product experiences in Data Infrastructure at Meta.
Beyond work, she's passionate about helping people in their creative and personal growth and is an advocate for experimentation and learning.