Step into the world of high-stakes betting as we unveil the groundbreaking technology powering Orion, the latest innovation in sports betting platforms.
Join us for an exclusive peek behind the curtain at INTRALOT, where we've harnessed decades of experience to create a platform that offers thousands of live betting selections, manages massive volumes of bets daily, and provides unparalleled monitoring and risk management tools.
In this session, we'll dive deep into the architecture and key technologies driving Orion's success (Java Spring, PostgreSQL, Apache Cassandra, Artemis, Kafka, gRPC, Hazelcast, Ignite). Discover the cutting-edge tools that make Orion the pinnacle of reliability and competitiveness in the sports betting industry. But it's not just about the technology – we'll also share real-world insights and lessons learned from our experiences in production. Learn from our triumphs and challenges as we navigate the fast-paced, high-stakes world of sports betting.
Eleftherios Anagnostopoulos
Eleftherios is a dynamic and highly motivated software engineer, currently excelling as the Sports Betting Product Development Director of Intralot.
Having years of experience in sports betting production environments, he has led his teams though numerous project developments and successful launches.
His relentless pursuit of knowledge and drive for success fuel his passion for continuous improvement. Eleftherio’s hands-on experience in managing production incidents serves as a cornerstone of his expertise, enabling him to navigate challenges with agility and precision. Committed to cultivating a thriving career, he seizes every opportunity to expand his skills and expertise, ensuring his trajectory is marked by sustained achievement and innovation.