Prompts in a language model are like magic spells. You tell the model what you want to talk about or ask, and it generates a magical response based on the input. AI agents are like the wizard who consults their spell book to cast a series of spells. AI Agents use a large language model (LLM) as a reasoning engine to determine which actions to take and in which order. Attend this session to learn how to craft AI Agents in JavaScript using OpenAI and LangChain and other prompt engineering techniques. Alohomora!
Ron Dagdag
Ron Dagdag is a seasoned software engineering leader with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He currently manages teams of R&D engineers at 7-Eleven, where he drives the development of innovative solutions in IoT, Cloud, and AI.
In addition to his professional responsibilities, Ron is an active member of the tech community, known for his contributions as a Microsoft MVP in AI, Mixed Reality, and IoT. He is recognized as an international speaker, sharing his knowledge and insights on the latest advancements in technology at conferences and virtual meetups. Ron is a maker and tinkerer, with a passion for Augmented Intelligence. @rondagdag