This will be an overview of what we have achieved in Novibet in the past 3 years. We will go over some of our pain points we encountered and how we solved them.
How we started from a small data centre and the steps we took to migrate to our current Cloud provider, Azure. We will talk about each hurdle we faced and the tools we introduced in our stack to overcome these growing pains. We will mention tools such as Terraform, Ansible, TeamCity and Octopus for CI/CD, automation we introduced along the way, observability tools such as ELK/Prometheus/Grafana/Tempo, and all the issues that came with this migration.
Kurt Azzopardi
I  embarked on my IT journey by dedicating my academic focus to IT Infrastructure, ultimately delving into the realm of networking and specializing in CISCO products. With a solid foundation, I gained valuable experience in the payments industry before transitioning seamlessly into the dynamic field of iGaming.
My expertise centres around essential technologies such as Terraform, Dockerization, and the implementation of CI/CD pipelines tailored for .Net workloads. Additionally, I possess proficiency in observability tools such as ELK, Prometheus/Grafana, along with scripting capabilities in Python and other languages.
In my evolving career trajectory, I have embraced leadership responsibilities, assuming a pivotal role as a mentor and a leader. My objective is to facilitate the expansion of our team, drawing from my wealth of experience to navigate potential challenges and pitfalls that I have encountered throughout my professional journey.
David Farrugia
Architect with 10 years of experience in the gaming and telecom industries. Work mostly on Technical Operations, DevOps and Cloud. Dev background in Python, JS/node and lately GO. Specialize in Unix-based systems, Network Engineering, Edge layers, CDN and HTTP, with a knack for Home Automation