Design Systems: Two Truths and a Lie
Quickie (INTERMEDIATE level)
Avra Alevropoulou (Principal Product Designer at Workable) together with Stelios Kamnakis (Software engineer at Workable) share their insights and their journey in optimizing design systems for efficiency and productivity. From aligning components to revamping documentation and streamlining pipelines, this session unveils the secrets to harnessing the power of design in building exceptional products.
Avra Alevropoulou
Avra Alevropoulou is a Principal Product Designer with a passion for designing experiences, touchpoints, and strategies for sustainable systems and long-term impact. Currently, she leads the Product Design creation of the HR management tool of Workable and is also responsible for the DesignOps function.
Avra brings over 10 years of experience in various design roles, spanning freelance work, agencies, and startups. Her background includes service design, interaction design, and the creation of various design systems including SKODA and Business Finland.
Stelios Kamnakis
Stelios Kamnakis is a Frontend Software Engineer with a track record in developing intuitive user interfaces. Based in Heraklion, Greece, he has been actively contributing to projects for the last 4 years.
In his current role at Workable, Stelios is working on maintaining and expanding the internal component library based on the internal design system. He is also actively involved in optimizing frontend infrastructure, focusing on tasks such as bundling, CI/CD and package management.
Before Workable, he worked at Lancom Ltd. / Battlenet Gaming Studios, where he primarily worked on advanced administrating applications among other projects. Stelios has a diverse portfolio, including freelance projects where he developed apps for a broadcast company among others.