Join WE LEAD, the nonprofit organization dedicated to bridging the gender gap in tech, for a workshop designed to explore the frontier of multimodal generative AI bots, led by Microsoft. In an era where the digital landscape is increasingly complex and interconnected, the demand for AI solutions that can navigate and interpret multiple modes of human communication has never been higher. Multimodal generative AI bots represent the frontier of this innovation, offering the potential to revolutionize how we interact with technology by understanding and generating content across text, images, and speech. The workshop aims to address this critical need by focusing on the development of AI applications capable of multimodal understanding and generation. It will cover the essentials of developing AI bots leveraging Azure OpenAI models that can analyze images, process natural language, and convert speech into text (and vice versa) with unparalleled precision and understanding.
Rodanthi Alexiou
Rodanthi is a Data&AI Partner Solution Architect at Microsoft, and a WE LEAD ambassador. She’s currently working on Azure OpenAI and M365 Copilot projects helping partners leverage cloud technologies in their out-of-the-box solutions. Always interested in being involved in tech projects and learning something new, she is part of the Executive Committee of Digital World Summit Greece, a United Nations initiative aiming at promoting the collaboration of all relevant stakeholders in the tech policymaking journey. In her free time, you will find her traveling and studying about the sociopolitical aspects of technology and how we can use AI to create interactive projects for museums!