Attempting to Tame the Data Beast: A BI Transition Tale
Quickie (INTERMEDIATE level)
This talk dives into the experience of transitioning from a legacy BI platform reliant on custom API integrations and script-heavy SQL. We'll discuss the benefits of adopting modern data ingestion tools, dbt for documented transformations, and Airflow for orchestration. Gain insights into the migration process, the advantages of a modernized data stack, the challenges we tackled along the way, and the lessons learned dealing with pitfalls.
Georgios Ntanakas
Georgios is an Associate Director for BI Engineering at GWI. After completing a PhD focusing on the aerodynamic optimization of airplane engines, he transitioned to the data space, holding BI and data engineering and management roles in companies ranging from scale-ups to Meta and Rolls-Royce. If you want to break the ice, beyond data, you can talk to him about running marathons.