Developer Driven Quality : Excellence from code to deployment
Keynote (INTERMEDIATE level)
With a paradigm shift towards developer driven quality, the modern engineering landscape is undergoing a dramatic change. In modern release processes, the traditional job division and handovers are becoming less and less common. while the fact that agile development is becoming the mainstream, teams are still experiencing traditional software problems and growing pains while implementing TDD, Devops, CI/CD, automated testing, automated deployments, and all the trendy buzzwords one can imagine. In the upcoming ten years, competition will remain central to expectations for developer quality and teamwork efficiency. Whichever technology is used, teams and organisations will experience growth pains if the contemporary approach to problem solving is not accepted.
In this session, we will discuss the future demands of software development, including developers, processes, and testability.
Sowmya Sridharamurthy
Sowmya Sridharamurthy is a seasoned product quality leader currently serving as the Engineering Release Manager at Kiwa. With over 15 years of comprehensive experience guiding products from their conceptualization to delivery, she has demonstrated proficiency in overseeing diverse software solutions, including ERP, SAAS, Mobile Apps, and Web applications. Sowmya boasts a proven track record of orchestrating successful implementations of result-driven test processes, contributing to the overall success of projects.
Her expertise extends to mentoring teams in the development of effective strategies and the implementation of robust frameworks, thereby achieving significant Return on Investment (ROI) through test automation. As a dedicated Accessibility advocate, Sowmya is deeply committed to propelling inclusive software development, ensuring that technology is accessible to users of all abilities.
In addition to her professional endeavors, Sowmya is an active community builder and the driving force behind the "APIans" meet-up group in Amsterdam, where she facilitates knowledge-sharing and collaboration among industry professionals. Her multifaceted leadership and commitment to excellence underscore her contributions to the field of software development and quality assurance.