Taming Distributed Systems: Key Insights from Wix's Large-Scale Experience
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Discover how Wix transitioned from complex event sourcing and CQRS to streamlined CRUD services, optimizing their vast platform for better scalability, performance, and resiliency. 
Wix's platform, designed to accommodate diverse business needs, boasts:
* 3.5 Billion daily HTTP transactions
* 70 Billion Kafka messages per day
* Roughly 4000 microservices in production
This session will highlight the simplification of Wix's architecture through domain events, resilient Kafka messaging, and advanced techniques like materialization and caching. By standardizing APIs and employing tools like protobuf and gRPC, Wix has enhanced the developer experience, both internally and externally, and fostered an open, integrative platform.
Attendees will gain insights into Wix's strategies for microservice coordination, ensuring system resilience and data consistency, as well as query performance optimization through innovative 2-level caching solutions.
Natan Silnitsky
Natan Silnitsky is a backend-infra technical product manager and developer at Wix.
He's part of group that provides solutions for Wix's platformization and development needs that accelerate development of microservices and serverless functions at Wix.
Before that he was tech lead for a team building event-driven libraries and tools on Kafka.
A co-maintainer of Greyhound, an open-source Kafka client, and a Scala enthusiast.
Natan is a renowned speaker, blogger, and advocate for clean, functional code, efficient development, and exceptional software design.