The 2nd edition : 18 - 20 of April

Devoxx Greece 2024

Devoxx Greece 2024, second edition will take place from April 18th until the 20th in the Athens Megaron International Conference Center.

Devoxx Greece is the evolution of Voxxed Days Athens conference and has become a 3-days conference where the developers’ communities get together and explore the latest technology advancements with some of the most inspiring speakers in our sector.

The Devoxx family (BelgiumFranceUK, PolandMarocco, and Ukraine) welcomes annually over 15.000 Devoxxians!  

Diverse, local and global talent introduce the newest and most vital content from the development world, with a range of sessions covering Java, Cloud, Big Data, Security, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Programming Languages, Methodologies, and Developer Culture.

Devoxx Greece expands your knowledge base, sharpens your skills, and provides hands-on experience with the latest technologies. 

from November onwards

Call For Papers

We’re on the lookout for brilliant content. Do you have an idea for a session you can’t wait to share with fellow developers?

We invite you to submit proposals to the CFP until end of December . 

from mid-October onwards


Registrations will open mid October, releasing the first batch of our super early bird tickets for a limited number of tickets and limited period.

Important Dates

What's On...

DAYS 1 & 2


Inspiring and thought-provoking keynotes on Thursday morning and Friday evening.

DAYS 1 - 3


40 minutes sessions on a range of different technologies, practices and methodologies

DAYS 1 - 3

Hands-on Labs

2 hours hands-on sessions where you delve into a specific technology or methodology under expert guidance

DAYS 1 - 3

Deep Dive

3 hours sessions where attendees can rapidly immerse themselves in a subject matter with an in-depth examination of a topic or technology.

DAYS 1 - 3

Byte Size

15 minutes sessions designed for speakers to give a quickfire view of a particular subject.

DAYS 1 - 3

Tools in Action

30 minutes sessions focused on demonstrating tools, technical tools or solutions.

DAYS 1 - 3


Informal sessions of one hour, where like minded people get together and discuss technology.

The Devoxx Greece 2023 Atmosphere

Direct link to the video on YouTube



All aspects of Java as a platform: emerging or established, Java language, JVM (languages), JDK, frameworks, standards, performance etc

People & Culture

Personal development, leadership, working practices, mental health, diversity, inclusion and developer culture

Build & Deploy

Modern operational concerns, including build pipelines, orchestration, observability, monitoring, resilience, and compliance, as the software world embraces DevOps and cloud delivery.


How-to’s, tools and techniques for developers to drive great architectures.  Share your in-the-trenches experiences informing us what works and what doesn’t.


UI, UX, front-end languages, frameworks and architectures.  This can include Angular, React, VUE, Blazor, SCSS best practices etc.

Data & AI

Big Data, Fast Data, NoSQL, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, TensorFlow, etc

Development Practices

All about Getting Stuff Done right. Methodologies, better practices, testing & tools.


Encryption, defensive practices, tools and technologies to be secure, security testing etc.

Mind The Geek

Developer candy: stuff we want to know about but don’t (generally) do at work – robotics, biological computing, cybernetics, AI, new toys & tomorrows world

Programming Languages

JVM, functional, mobile, front end & emerging languages. Tools, libraries and practices

Super early

3 day conference ticket - Our super early bird at an extremely low price for our faithful believers and supporters.
  • No refund
  • Only 100 tickets available
  • Access to all days of the main event (April 18th to 20th, 2024)
  • Sponsors Gift Bag
  • Devoxx t-shirt + Our Swag
  • Coffee, snacks and light lunch on all days
  • Named badge
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Early Bird

3 day conference ticket - Our early bird at a low price for our early adopters
  • No refund
  • Only 100 tickets available
  • Access to all days of the main event (April 18th to 20th, 2024)
  • Sponsors Gift Bag
  • Devoxx t-shirt + Our Swag
  • Coffee, snacks and light lunch on all days
  • Named badge
Sold out


3 day conference ticket - Our standard ticket price for those who want to wait for the full list of speakers first
  • Available after January, 15th
  • No refund
  • Access to all days of the main event (April 18th to 20th, 2024)
  • Sponsors Gift Bag
  • Devoxx t-shirt + Our Swag
  • Coffee, snacks and light lunch on all days
  • Named badge
  • Student and Group discounts available
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Program Committee

Business Coach at The 10x Manager Academy

Zacharenia Atzitzikaki

Zaharenia Atzitzikaki has over 18 years of experience working in tech, with more than half of them focusing on product design and enterprise software. She now works as a business coach, training her clients to become better leaders at The 10x Manager Academy. She writes about management in her biweekly newsletter, Leading by Design.

Angular Google Developer Expert (GDE)

Aristeidis Bampakos

Aristeidis Bampakos works as a Web Development Team Leader at Plex-Earth, specializing in developing web applications using Angular. He is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Angular and is passionate about helping the developer community learn and grow. His love for teaching has led him to become an award-winning author of Learning Angular and Angular Projects books, as well as an Angular Senior Tech Instructor at Code.Hub, where he nurtures aspiring Angular developers and professionals.

Software Engineer

Evi Chatzidaki

Experienced software engineer in the telco industry that enjoys developing systems with strict performance and latency requirements. Worked in different positions of product development throughout the years(software tester, devops engineer), but found true passion for software development. Participated in Java Hellenic User Groups (JHUG) meetups.

Senior Software Architect at Etraveli Group

Giorgos Gkogkolis

George Gkogkolis, a graduate of the University of Peloponnese has been working with software since 2007, specializing in back-end (both with Java and C#), secure programming, and software architecture.

Chief of Engineering Evolution @ Superbo

Giorgos Kalfopoulos

Started some 20+ years ago as a Java Software Developer, evolved to Architect (technical, solution, cloud, enterprise, and potentially a few more variations along the way, some of which are even certified,  and currently attempting to pass on the knowledge to the following generations as Head of Engineering. Perhaps above all though, a  community junkie (following JHUG, GreeceJS, Angular Athens, DDD Greece, and a few more) and a proud organizer of Ministry of Testing Athens, the largest QA community in Greece.

Seasoned Software Engineer @ Prodyna

Elias Niaos

Elias Niaos is a seasoned Software Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the digital trenches, currently navigating the world of software at Prodyna. Focused on simplifying complexities and deconstructing challenges, he works to foster innovative solutions. Outside of coding, Elias finds fulfillment as a parent of two and contributes to the GreeceJS community with dedication and expertise

Global Community Manager at C2C, the Google Cloud Customer Community

Ilias Papachristos

Ilias is a full-time family man, an ex-army helicopter pilot, and the Global Community Manager at C2C. In his spare time, he leads the Google Developer Group (GDG) Cloud Thessaloniki, windsurfing and practising Kendo. He is a traveller and loves to meet and talk with people!

Software Engineer of all things

Patroklos Papapetrou

Patroklos (Pat) has been a software engineer for more than 25 years – he’s passionate about code quality and system perfection and keeping things simple. He’s a book author and occasional speaker, and currently, he works as Senior Backend Engineer in Golang @ He was the founder of the Java Meetup in Thessaloniki, and the main organizer of Voxxed Thessaloniki and Devoxx Greece since 2016. 

Senior Software Architect

Thomas Pliakas

Thomas Pliakas is a senior passionate Java software engineer, where he likes to work in performance improvements in each phase of the project life cycle. He has primarily been working on architecture, development, and tuning low latency and high throughput telco products. He is also a co-organizer of Java Hellenic User Groups (jhug) meetups.

Senior User Researcher at Meta

Sotiris Sotiropoulos

Sotiris Sotiropoulos is a seasoned User Researcher, specializing in mixed methodologies. Committed to generating actionable insights from rigorous research, he plays a key role in informing product and business decisions.
With a background in human-computer interaction (HCI), he has contributed to shape the user experience landscape across various industries, including telco, banking, insurance, retail, mobility, and dev tools. Currently, he is working on improving Monitoring & Observability systems at Meta’s Data Infra department.
Beyond his role, he is a passionate learner and he actively shares knowledge, coaches teams, mentors professionals, and supports the community.

Principal Software Engineer II at Kaizen Gaming

Kostas Stroggylos

Kostas is a principal software engineer, currently fighting legacy and architecting novel software solutions at Kaizen Gaming. When not getting his hands dirty with code, he studies the sociotechnical aspects of complex systems. He is passionate about organizational agility and co-organizes Domain Driven Design Greece.

VP of Engineering at Clerk

Sokratis Vidros

Sokratis is the VP of Engineering at Clerk. He loves creating web products and building happy, high-performance teams. He is a graduate of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, and École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (Telecom ParisTech), France.

Principal Entropy and Alchemy Professional

Gerasimos Xydas

Gerasimos Xydas brings over 25 years of experience to the field of Natural Language Processing, Big Data, and Digital Architectures. Holding a PhD in AI Text-to-Speech from the University of Athens and authoring over 30 scientific publications, he has demonstrated a strong research background throughout his extensive professional journey. Gerasimos has also successfully led and nurtured high-performing teams, delivering impactful enterprise solutions. Since January 2023, he serves as the Chief Product and Innovation Officer at Superbo, aiming to achieve highly effective personalized experiences through digital assistants.

Lead Software Engineer / VueJS Athens Co-organizer

Ema Zyka

Ema Zyka is a Lead Software Engineer at Camelot Lottery Solutions with more than 10 years of working experience in web development. She is also a proud co-organizer of the Vue.js Athens meetup.

Ema has a passion for education and learning and has been involved in academies and courses by developing curriculums and acting as a tech instructor for Software Engineers.

She enjoys connecting with people and working with teams that share a purpose and shape an environment where experimentation, continuous learning, and growth are highly valued. She spends her days crafting things with Javascript and has played a key role in distributed and diverse teams by delivering end-to-end solutions, acting as an engineer, leader, mentor, and contributor in every step of the process.

Our Mission

Provide a first class tech conference where passionate developers can network, hack, get inspired and learn throughout


Devoxx is a conference by developers, for developers. It is offered at an affordable price so that every developer can enjoy the experience.


Devoxx Greece is a community effort. The team is made up of senior developers, local user group leaders, and passionate technology experts.



Megaron Athens International Conference Centre, Leoforos Vasilissis Sofias and, Kokkali 1, Athina 115 21 (Greece)


The easiest way to reach the venue is to take the M3 (blue) Metro line and stop at the “Megaron Mousikis” station.

Want to know more?


For general inquiries 
[email protected]

For sponsoring opportunities
[email protected]